The embryology laboratory at WSFC is equipped with high-quality modern technology. It is the only embryology laboratory in the entire Central California San Joaquin Valley and one of the best-equipped labs in the country.

Fifteen individual embryo culture chambers that allows us to minimize changes in the culture conditions for embryos and gametes. We have two modern micro-manipulators for microscopic procedures like ICSI and embryo biopsy. We have an advanced laser system capable of performing assisted hatching and blastocyst biopsy when indicated. Our air quality is optimum with more than 15 air changes per hour with high efficiency air filters in the lab ceiling and low air returns to facilitate air removal.

Most importantly, our staff is committed to provide the best patient care with dedication and passion. We know how important our contribution is in each fertility treatment we perform. Please review our videos below. These procedures were all performed by our staff in our laboratories.