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When you really need the best in fertility care, it is nice to know that care is available so close to home.

WSFC provides a complete spectrum of services, from testing to medical therapy, to advanced techniques such as:


We perform the entire fertility workout for women. We also use the services of Valley Andrology Fertility Center for semen analysis, sperm preparation for insemination and semen cryopreservation. We partner with Valley Urology of Central California (Fresno) for the male fertility evaluation.


WSFC utilizes its own ultrasound services for diagnostics, ovulation induction monitoring and uterine lining evaluation for embryo transfer. Our fertility specialists and nurse practitioners also perform early pregnancy evaluation before the OBGYN referral is provided.


Our fertility specialists are recognized laparoscopy surgeons. Dr. Sueldo is one of the pioneers in laparoscopy surgery in the Valley. A diagnostic or corrective laparoscopy surgery is performed at Clovis Community Medical Center in Clovis.

Ovulation Induction

If indicated, your treatment may start with mild ovulation induction taking an oral medication. If not successful or it is better recommended for you the treatment may include injectable gonadotropins in combination with intrauterine insemination. The entire procedure is performed in-house for your convenience.

Insemination (IUI)

The procedure is always combined with ovulation induction. The sperm is prepared in the VAFC lab located next door to our office. The insemination procedure is performed without anesthesia and it is not painful in general. We also perform sperm donor insemination, if indicated, working with registered banks in CA and nationwide.

In-Vitro Fertilization

This high complexity procedure is performed entirely in our building. All stages are performed in our building including consultations, ultrasounds, IVF procedure and embryo transfer. Our center is one of the pioneers in the country with the first IVF baby born in 1985.


This specialized procedure is indicated when the semen sample at the day of the IVF procedure shows low chances of spontaneous fertilization. In most cases ICSI is indicated before this time when a male factor infertility is diagnosed or when the sperm sample has been frozen before or the spermatozoa are extracted surgically from the epididymis.

Oocyte Donation

We perform oocyte donation treatment cycles using anonymous or known donors. The process includes consultations with our genetic, psychology and legal counselors before you enter the program. We also offer oocyte donation using a donor egg bank where the frozen oocytes are provided to us for an ICSI procedure. We work closely with My Egg Bank NA ( to facilitate the process of donor selection using the online tool for donor selection.


WSFC has a great experience providing surrogacy to women and couples impaired of conceiving or receiving an embryo during in vitro fertilization. As explained in the oocyte donation case the screening involves consultations with our medical, physiological and legal counselors.


We offer genetic diagnosis for the embryos produced by in vitro fertilization (ICSI) to all infertility patients. Different reasons may require the use of this technology that includes a complex process involving the culture of embryos produced after ICSI for 5-6 days. These embryos are then biopsied and frozen (vitrified). Once the genetic results arrive showing details regarding the 46 chromosomes the doctor may instruct you to return a month later for an embryo transfer. PGS allows the infertility couple to select the gender of the genetically normal embryos.